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Back in 2004 KYRA was publicly launched in the Council House, Birmingham for City Council Leaders and representatives of all faiths. Our aim was to make a difference to leadership development, especially in more deprived areas in response to the Government invitation for faiths to be more involved in regeneration projects.

In the beginning, the team at KYRA (which originated from the Regeneration Office of the Catholic Church) sought to train people from all sectors of business, public sector and the voluntary and community sector – so that future leaders would work better together and learn from each other.

We wanted to make a difference.

The first course we developed led to a Foundation Degree in Leadership, and after piloting for two years, was launched in January 2006 and validated by Coventry University.

Later, in 2009 the programme was transferred to Aston University where it ran very successfully until the closure of the Interdisciplinary Faculty at the university. It then transferred over to Staffordshire University.

Leadership training plays an important part in enabling people who are working and/or living in more deprived areas to contribute to social and economic development, both of which are absolutely vital to regeneration.

At a time when the cost of degree courses skyrocketed, we at KYRA have decided to shift the accreditation in order to offer the programme to students in a more cost-effective way… while at the same time offering a professional accreditation.

And that’s how we arrived at our Certificate in Leadership and Management!

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Success Stories

You’ve heard our story, so now it’s time for the stories from people who have benefitted from what we do here at KYRA…

Geraldine’s experience…

Being able to secure any kind of job where she can successfully put into practice what she has learned was Geraldine’s prime motive when deciding to study for a prestigious qualification with a foremost West Midlands training organisation.

The 30 year-old from Oldbury read about the KYRA Birmingham Foundation Degree in Leadership in a Birmingham Mail article and immediately decided it was for her.

The KYRA programme uniquely brings together businesses, the public sector, the community and the voluntary sector to train and inspire students from all walks of life to become leaders.

KYRA seeks students who are motivated, ambitious to see a better future for themselves and their families and who are keen to play a part in creating a more prosperous society.
Geraldine was impressed with the flexibility of the course, which she found exacting, yet interesting and enjoyable – an exhilarating way to prepare for a successful future.
“I was drawn by the ‘work and learn’ aspect of the programme, which enables you to fit in study with work and family life,” said the mother-of-two.

“It is challenging, but everyone involved at KYRA is so helpful that you can constantly make headway,” she said, praising particularly the tutors, counsellors and mentors, who are all experts in their individual fields. “Everyone is very approachable, you only have to ask and they will help you,” said Geraldine.

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I am Caroline Berry. I work for a charitable organisation. I first learned about the KYRA foundation degree through its links with the my employers. They were keen for me to take the opportunity that KYRA offered for personal and professional development. What attracted me to the KYRA degree was the opportunity to work towards […]

Caroline Berry
KYRA for Community Regeneration.