Enterprising Communities Programme

KYRA provides programmes of study by negotiation. Below is the Enterprising Community Programme which has been adapted and used in a number of different settings.  KYRA’s Enterprising Communities Programme is accredited by the National Open College Network. It has been devised in order to provide an opportunity to develop skills at other levels to take forward social enterprise and faith community projects. It also provides a natural progression (skills ladder at levels 2 and 3) to the Foundation Degree.

Course details

The present programme is accredited at levels 1, 2 and 3 (equivalent of up to A-level).
Modules include ‘Skills for Enterprise’ covering:

  • An idea – held passionately
  • Business operations
  • Leadership and Management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing
  • Project development

The course outline includes:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Community, voluntary and faith projects
  • Leadership styles
  • Raising funds
  • Action planning
  • Business development process
  • Impacting on community
  • Managing people
  • Communications

Course requirements

The course is designed to tackle economic deprivation and is open to residents, businesses, faith and community bodies from regeneration areas. To undertake the programme you must be interested in social or community enterprises, or keen to develop your own business skills, or faith or community projects.

Application procedure

For a place on the Course, and the next start date,
please contact us on:
Tel: 01564 778 141
Mobile: 0793 214 07 96

For further information:

Email: office@kyrabirmingham.org.uk


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