Faith Groups
This course inspires life-changing community in your church by providing everything group leaders need.
During the course, religious decision makers will learn to lead in a way that enables them to connect and share with one another across faith boundaries: to work together, to reason together and to grow together. You’ll come away thinking very differently about the way you lead, and about the resources that each faith has for serious engagement with yourself, with others and with the wider secular and religious context.
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Social Enterprises
Enterprise begins with leadership.
This course is designed to develop individuals into effective leaders and build leadership and management skills which can be applied to real life situations. It will build upon the challenges faced when leading a new social enterprise start-up and through to senior managers tasked with growing a sustainable business.
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Voluntary Sector
This course provides valuable, relevant and accessible training for charities and community groups of all sizes and backgrounds.
It works to support the development of a strong, effective and diverse voluntary and community sector. From management and leadership to communications and fundraising, all your charity's training needs will be met. Whether you're from a new or small group looking for basic guidance or from a bigger, well-established organisation looking for more advanced training.
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Post date Feb.21

Our amazing and successful KYRA Graduate, Sharon Warmington, has published a new book, entitled:

How Women today are smashing read more..

Post date Jul.29

As part of KYRA’s commitment to develop strong leaders of the future, powerful bosses volunteered to provide ongoing mentoring and read more..

Post date Jul.28

A project in the West Midlands highlights how the UK is helping create a fairer and more equal society in read more..


I am Caroline Berry. I work for a charitable organisation. I first learned about the KYRA foundation degree through its links with the my employers. They were keen for me to take the opportunity that KYRA offered for personal and professional development. What attracted me to the KYRA degree was the opportunity to work towards […]

Caroline Berry

I first found out about KYRA from Facebook – it was on a friend’s post – and I met with the Course Director, not realising that the course started in a few day’s time! I was unemployed at the time but I incorporated a new company during my time on the course. It is still […]

Sharon Warmington: KYRA Staffordshire 2015

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